Redeem your RHT token for a HashPuppy!

Step 1: Download nOS Browser

Head over to the nOS website and download the latest version of the nOS browser!

 nOS is the primary platform for HashPuppies, as it provides the best user experience- supporting 3D WebGL games along with seamless integration with the Neo blockchain.

Step 2: Log in to nOS

Once you’ve got nOS installed, open it and log in with an account that has a balance of RHT you’d like to redeem. 

Step 3: Launch the RHT app

Go to the App Store (open by default after nOS login) and find and launch the RHT Redemption Mini-Game under the “Games” section.

Step 4: Use the redeem-o-matic!

Once the game has loaded and you’ve made it past the start screen, click on the redeem-o-matic claw machine in the center of the adoption center, and follow the on-screen prompts to get a HashPuppy in exchange for your RHT token. Don’t worry, 1  puppy is guaranteed per RHT!

Step 5: Meet your new best friend(s)!

Click on the door outside to watch your puppies play in the yard (click on any one to interact with it!)